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In this topic:

  1. How to generate a referral link
  2. List of your referrals
  3. Visitor statistics
  4. Commissions credited to your account

1. How to generate a referral link

To attract new referrals, generate a referral link. You can place the link on your personal website, in a blog, insert it in your forum signature, or advertise it in any other way.

  1. Click Partnership → Text links in My xBTCe.

  2. Customize your referral link:

    • URL: Enter the URL address of the page to which your referral link will lead.
    • Text: Enter the text of your referral link.
    • Link: URL address of your agent link.
      • Hidden Link: Use a hidden link if you do not want users to know where your referral link leads.
      • Standard Link: The URL of the page is displayed when the user point to the link.


2. List of your referrals

To view the list of your referrals, select Partnership → Referrals in My xBTCe.

The data in the table is filtered according to the specified parameters. You can choose the period during which xBTCe clients became your referrals by following your referral link (From and To). If you want to find a specific referral, enter the eWallet number or trading account number in the Account field, and then click Show

The following information is displayed for each referral:

  • Short eWallet: Short eWallet number of the referral.
  • Name: Name of the referral.
  • Country: Country of residence of the referral.
  • Email: Email address of the referral.
  • Created: Date and time when this xBTCe client became your referral, that is, registered an account by clicking your referral link. You start receiving partner commission from this date.


3. Visitor statistics

To view statistics of clicks on your referral link, select Partnership → Visitors Statistics in My xBTCe.

The information on the page is displayed for the selected period.

  • Period: Period for which statistics are displayed.
  • Is Account Opened: Show only users who registered an eWallet.
  • Total visits: Total number of users who visited target pages by clicking your referral links.
  • Total registered accounts: Total number of users who registered an eWallet through your referral links.

Click parameters:

  • Date: Date and time of the click.
  • IP: User IP address.
  • Visited page: Target page visited by the user.
  • Referral page: Source page on which the link was placed.
  • Is Account Opened: This parameter shows whether the user registered an eWallet.

Click Export to save the data as a CSV file.


4. Commissions credited to your account

To view information about commissions credited to your account, select Partnership → Commission in My xBTCe.

Click Details to download a CSV* file with the detailed information.

* CSV (comma-separated values) files store tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form.


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