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The xBTCe Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) is a platform on which developers may build customized trading tools and interfaces to use with xBTCe Exchange. With APIs, you can:

  • Get detailed information about trading symbols, user accounts, and trade operations.
  • Carry out trade operations, including exchange transactions, order modification or cancellation.
  • Securely connect to TickTrader Server in order to get feed information (currencies, symbols).
  • Subscribe to real-time feed ticks.
  • Monitor the state of assets on the account.
  • Perform operations related to the account, such as getting account balance and history.
  • Fully automate your trading strategy.

xBTCe Service offers the following range of APIs:

How to get TargetCompID, SenderCompID, username, password, address and port of FIX Server for Data Feed and Trading connections

FIX API endpoints/credentials info (IPv4):

  • TickTrader Server addresses:
    • – Demo TickTrader Server
    • – Live TickTrader Server
  • Ports:
    • 5001 – Unsecured FIX Feed port
    • 5002 – Unsecured FIX Trade port
    • 5003 – SSL-secured FIX Feed port
    • 5004 – SSL-secured FIX Trade port
  • SenderCompID={GUID}, where GUID – any generated GUID/UUID (e.g. SenderCompID={F9493AED-0D0B-4633-8CD0-7450CD4D0CB5})
  • TargetCompID=EXECUTOR
    Note: TickTrader Server will reject any connections with the wrong TargetCompID. If you want to connect multiple FIX sessions at the same time, please provide a unique SenderCompID.
  • Username and password – login and password of the trading account residing on the corresponding TickTrader Server. These credentials are generated by TickTrader Server upon trading account registration.
Note: We advise you to test all of your developments on the UAT (DEMO) environment risk free before you go Live.

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