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The Assets tab contains information about the current state of assets on the trading account. Here you can monitor the status of your assets in real time.

An asset is a parameter used to determine the volume of FIAT or Crypto currency owned by the customer.

  • Asset Name: Asset (currency) name.
  • Asset Amount: Total asset amount: Asset Amount = Locked Amount + Available Amount.
  • Locked Amount: Asset amount reserved to ensure the execution of pending orders.
  • Available Amount: Asset amount available for placing orders: Available Amount = Asset AmountLocked Amount.
  • Asset Conversion Rate to X: Exchange rate used to convert the asset to another asset (you can select the currency in the drop-down list). Since different assets can be stored on Cash accounts, and the account currency is not specified, this feature allows you to estimate the total volume of assets expressed in one currency. The result of conversion is shown in the Asset in X column.
  • Asset in X: Asset amount converted to the selected currency X.
  • Graph: Bar chart of assets: Available Amount is shown in blue, Locked Amount is shown in red.
  • Asset Color: Asset color on the diagram.
  • Total / Locked / Available. Total / Locked / Available asset amount in percent.
  • Diagram: Pie chart of assets in the selected currency X. To show or hide the chart, click it (or right-click anywhere in the tab), and then click Diagram.

You can select the asset amount display mode by clicking the tab in the diagram area or by selecting Mode from the diagram context menu. Available modes: Total, Locked, Available.

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