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xBTCe Web Terminal allows you to make exchange transactions online in real time. Transactions are executed on Cash trading accounts. To open a Cash account, select Add account > Cash in My xBTCe personal area.

xBTCe Web Terminal provides the following features:

  • Exchange of customer's assets for other customer's assets.
  • Support of the most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, NMC, PPC, ETH, DSH.
  • Various order types: market Buy/Sell and pending Buy/Sell.
  • Depth of Market Level2 providing a visual component for Depth of Market indication as well as quick and accurate order placement.
  • API trading.
  • Demo and Live trading on the Exchange Platform.
  • Detailed trading history and assets history.
  • Trollbox for communication with other users.
  • Convenient personal area providing access to a wide range of payment systems, account security and user profile settings, internal/external transfers, etc.

Market Watch

The Market Watch panel contains the list of symbols available for trading. Here you can see real-time quotes incoming from the server, spread, OHLC prices, last price, last and daily volume. To expand the panel, click Market Watch at the top left of the chart. Learn more about the Market Watch panel.


The chart displays the price dynamics of the active symbol over time.

The active symbol is displayed at the top left of the chart. To change the active symbol, click it, and then select a symbol from the list.

Market Depth (Level2) and Trading panel

The Level 2 panel contains the current Depth of Market data. Here you can place market and pending orders in one click, see the best available Bid and Ask prices and volumes and analyze the market situation using a histogram.

Learn more about how to place orders using the Trading panel.

Last Trades

The Last Trades tape contains the history of transactions executed on the Exchange. The data is refreshed in real time. The following information is provided for each order:

  • Time when the order was executed (hh:mm:ss).
  • Order execution price.
  • Order volume.

Last Trade shows the last executed order at the top right of the chart.


In the chat, xBTCe Exchange users can chat with each other. If you want to hide the chat, click Chat on the title bar.

To change the nickname, click Edit  in the User Profile, enter a new nickname, and then click Edit  once again.

  • My messages : Click to filter your messages.
  • Ignore list : Blocked users.
  • Online Users : Users that are currently online. Find the user and click Ignore/Unignore to ban or unban a user. If you ignore someone, neither of you will be able to see each others' messages in the chat.
  • Detach chat : Detach the chat from the main window.

Assets, Orders and History tabs

  • Assets tab: Displays the current balance of assets on the Cash account.
  • Orders tab: Displays pending orders awaiting activation.
    Learn more about the Assets and Orders tabs.
  • Account History page: Displays the history of trade operations on the account. Learn more about Account History.


The menu contains commands that allow you to go to various xBTCe services.

  •  Web Terminal: Web Terminal of xBTCe Exchange Service.
  •  Account History: History of trade operations on the account.
  •  Trading Platforms: Description of trading platforms that the company provides.
  •  API: xBTCe Exchange API.
  •  My xBTCe: My xBTCe personal area where you can open trading accounts, make a deposit and withdraw funds, transfer funds from one account to another and perform other operations.
  •  News: Company news and financial markets news.
  •  Support: Customer support portal.
  •  Manual: Knowledge base that contains detailed information about the company's services, user manuals and instructions.


Click the User profile link at the top right of the page to open the terminal settings window. Learn more about User profile & settings.

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