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Note: The screens in this article are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.

Settings include:

Trading Settings

  • Confirm trade requests: Show a confirmation dialogue when a new order is created.
  • Order status pop-up: Show a pop-up message when the order status is changed.
  • Position status pop-up: Show a pop-up message when the position status is changed.
  • Volumes in Lots: Show trade volumes in lots or money.
  • Slippage value unit (points or percent): Select the slippage value unit.
  • TP/SL: number of points before displaying a warning: The warning is triggered when the TP/SL order price differs from the current price by the specified number of points.
  • Vibrate on trade request: Enable vibration when tapping the trade buttons.
  • Vibrate on trade notification: Enable vibration for trade event notifications.
  • Get push notifications: Allow getting push notifications. You can create notifications in the TickTrader desktop terminal.
  • Sound on trade notification: Enable sound notifications of trade events. You can select a default or custom sound file.

L2 and T&S Settings

  • Show totals of Level 2: Show the total Bid/Ask volume and the VWAP Bid/Ask price in Level2.
  • Mark own Limit/TP orders in L2 with asterisks: Mark orders placed by the user with an asterisk in L2: green — Limit order, yellow — Iceberg Limit order, red — Hidden Limit order.
  • Level2 Histogram Type: The type of histogram in the Depth of Market: None, Aggregated, Non-aggregated. Aggregated histogram shows data aggregated by price and volume.
  • Level2 Histogram Alignment: Alignment of histogram in the Depth of Market: To Center or To Borders.
  • Max Depth of Level2: The maximum number of levels in the Depth of Market. The default value is 5.
  • Max number of trades in the T&S: Maximum number of displayed trades in the T&S tape.
  • Histogram in T&S: Show volume-based histogram in the T&S tape.

Chart Settings

  • Periodicity: Set default chart periodicity (from 1 second to 1 month). Periodicity affects how often pricing information is refreshed on the chart.
  • Chart Type: Set default chart type: Candlestick, Bar Chart, Line.
  • Default Chart values type: Price data plotted in the chart: Bid prices or Ask prices.
  • Chart scheme: Chart color scheme: Green and Red, Black on White, Green on Black, Custom. If you select Custom, you can set the preferred color for each chart element.
  • Show OHLC: Show OHLC prices on the chart.
  • Show period separators: Show lines that separate time periods on the chart.
  • Show grid: Show the chart grid.
  • Show histogram: Show histogram.
  • Histogram Bar Thickness: The vertical size of the histogram bars.
  • Histogram Bar Size, %: The horizontal size of the histogram against the width of the chart in percent.
  • Show volumes: Show volumes on the chart: No volumes, Tick volumes, Trade volumes.
  • Show Bid line: Show Bid horizontal line.
  • Show Ask line: Show Ask horizontal line.
  • Show position lines: Show horizontal lines of positions on the chart.
  • Show order lines: Show horizontal lines of orders on the chart.
  • Show position SL/TP lines: Show horizontal lines of Stop Loss and Take Profit values.
  • Show order SL/TP lines: Show horizontal lines of Stop Loss and Take Profit values for pending orders.
  • Show line ID: Show IDs of horizontal lines on the chart.

When you've finished, tap Apply to all to apply these settings to all charts.

Security Settings

  • PIN lock: Set PIN to access the application if the application is hidden for more than 1 minute. If you exit the application without logging out from the trading account, you will need to enter PIN that you have previously set to access the application. To change or delete PIN, use the Change PIN or Delete PIN options. You can unlock the application with a fingerprint scanner if your device supports this feature.
  • Screen auto-lock: Allow to automatically lock the device screen when the application is open.

Misc Settings

  • Language: Select preferred application language.
  • Time Zone: Set the time zone of the application.
  • Date and time format: Set the date and time format.
  • Application theme: Select the application theme.
  • Change the Start screen: Select the Start screen.
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