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Note: The screens in this article are based on the Android operating system. iOS screens may differ slightly.

Trade History displays the history of trade operations on your trading account.

To set or change the time frame of a report, tap . You can select a preset time frame, or any custom time frame. To set a custom time frame, tap Custom, and then select the time frame. You can also enable additional options:

  • Load at once: Load transaction history for the requested period in one action.
  • Skip canceled orders: Do not display canceled orders.

Order parameters

To view order details, tap the order line.

  • Order ID: Operation ticket number.
  • Type: Order type.
  • Event: Event type: Executed, Activated, Expired, Canceled, Balance transaction.
  • Symbol: Trading instrument.
  • Side: Order side: Buy, Sell. For balance transactions: Deposit, Withdrawal.
  • Volume requested: Order volume that was requested for execution (initial volume).
  • Volume filled: Order volume that was actually filled (for executed orders).
  • Visible volume: Order volume that was visible in the Depth of Market (for Limit Hidden and Iceberg orders).
  • Rate requested: Price at which you wanted the order to be filled.
  • Rate filled: Price at which the order was actually filled (for executed orders).
  • Commission: Commission charged for the execution of order (for executed orders).
  • Expiration: Order execution type (for executed, activated, and canceled orders):
    • GTD (Good Till Date): The order is valid until the specified date and time unless it has been filled or canceled.
    • GTC (Good Till Canceled): The order is valid until you cancel it unless it has been successfully filled.
    • IOC (Immediate or Cancel): The order is immediately executed, and any portion of the order that cannot be filled immediately is canceled.
  • Order created: Time when the order was created.
  • Order modified: Time when the order was modified (for activated orders).
  • Order executed: Time when the order was executed (for executed orders).
  • Order expired: Time when the order was expired (for expired orders).
  • Order canceled: Time when the order was canceled by the client (for orders canceled by the client).
  • Transaction amount: Transaction amount (for balance operations).
  • Reason: Event reason (does not apply to orders canceled by the client).
  • Asset X: Number of asset X units in the numerator of the financial instrument.
  • Asset Y: Number of asset Y units in the denominator of the financial instrument.
  • Time: Time when the order was canceled (for orders canceled by dealer).
  • Balance: Balance transaction details.
  • Comment: Comment on the transaction.

To email order logs, tap , and then select the application you want to use for sending the report.

To view the total financial results for each asset, expand the panel at the bottom of the screen.

  • Deposit: Sum of deposits to a trading account in this asset.
  • Withdrawal: Sum of withdrawals from a trading account in this asset.
  • Bought: Total amount of executed Buy orders for this asset.
  • Sold: Total amount of executed Sell orders for this asset.
  • Commission: Total commission amount charged for transactions where this asset is involved.
  • Delta: Result of the following calculation: Deposit – Withdrawal + Bought  Sold.

Filter orders by asset or symbol

You can filter orders by asset or symbol involved in transactions. If no filter is applied, you see <All> above the transaction list. Tap <All> to select the asset or symbol by which you want to filter transactions.

Sort orders

You can sort orders by tapping Sort .

  • Sort by Symbol: Sort orders by symbol name.
  • Sort by Order ID: Sort orders by order ID.
  • Sort by Modification Time: Sort orders by order modification time.
  • Sort by Order Type: Sort orders by order type.
  • Sort by Event: Sort orders by event type.
  • Sort by Fill Time: Sort orders by order execution time.
  • Sort by Volume Filled: Sort orders by filled volume.
  • Sort by Rate Filled: Sort orders by price at which the order was filled.
  • Sort by Asset X Volume: Sort orders by volume of base currency (the first asset in the symbol).
  • Sort by Asset Y Volume: Sort orders by volume of quote currency (the second asset in the symbol).
  • Sort by Commission: Sort orders by commission amount.

To change the sort order from ascending  to descending  and vice versa, tap the filter.

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