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Emercoin is a cryptocurrency that relies on the key features of Namecoin and Peercoin and employs a POS minting mechanism. It uses the same cryptographic algorithm as Bitcoin. The total number of coins is unlimited. It’s increasing at approximately 6% per year.

Emercoin provides a DNS system and a range of innovative services, such as an advertising network, digital timestamps, proof of ownership and other. Using EMC is a convenient means of conveying information and making personal or business payments.

An extensive community of Emercoin enthusiasts helps to maintain the coin’s ecosystem stable, ensuring its continuous development.

The advantages of using Emercoin:

  • The award for including new transactions into the blockchain is 6% per annum interest.
  • POW mining and POS minting are employed.
  • Emercoin supports global payments for a low fee and data transmission without boundaries or censorship.
  • A vast range of related blockchain services are available.

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