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Dash is a cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin technology. Introduced in 2011, Dash gained significant popularity and became one of the best known digital currencies in the world. The total supply of coins is 22 mio.

Dash addresses some of the Bitcoin problems, such as fungibility, double-spending, and transaction speed. Unlike Bitcoin, it provides instantaneous transactions confirmed within 1 second, which makes it suitable for commercial use.

Transactions are confirmed by special network servers called Masternodes. No one can view the history of transactions or balances on the block chain as this data is not publicly recorded.

Dash works much like physical cash, with the same speed and full guarantee of anonymity. Dash’s innovative InstantX and PrivateSend services enhance coin’s privacy and extend its application area.

The advantages of using Dash:

  • Dash supports instantaneous transactions - confirmation takes about a few seconds.
  • Among all cryptocurrencies, the use of Dash is most similar to regular cash payments.
  • Transaction history is publicly unavailable.
  • Low fees or no fees are charged for most transactions.
  • The decentralized self-sustaining Virtual Corporation incentivizes all network participants to contribute to further growth of the project.

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